• Two special offers for August and September

    by  • 21/08/2014 • 0 Comments

    The busy-ness of autumn is just around the corner and we’ve got two special offers to help ease you into this sometimes hectic time. Firstly this August marks 10 years since I led my first yoga class. Time flies when you’re having fun but I can still remember the utter terror I felt beforehand...

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    long time no blog a.k.a is it yoga?

    by  • 07/05/2014 • 0 Comments

    And sudddenly May was here… …and it seems I last blogged in December. Time flies. We spent January in my beloved Australia. The great red country had its usual magical effects on me and I came back feeling…different. Calmer. In need of more space in my life. My appointment book was full and carried...

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    spring news from fusion studio

    by  • 03/03/2014 • 0 Comments

    “She turned to the sunlight And shook her yellow head, And whispered to her neighbour: Winter is dead.” AA Milne – When We Were Very Young It might not quite seem like it yet, but spring is very much on the way. Only this morning I saw a garden full of snowdrops and crocus...

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    wrapping up 2013

    by  • 18/12/2013 • 0 Comments

    They say the days are slow but the years are fast, and as I get older I can’t help but agree. Where has this year gone? And now the end of the year approaches and the internet is full of recaps, of posts about achievements and sparkles and wondrous things. It can sometimes be...

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    that time of the year again: my word 2014

    by  • 11/12/2013 • 1 Comment

    Last year I was greedy. I chose two words. Peace + Community How did that go? Well as you may or may not have realised (‘cos, y’know, I hardly *ever* talk about it), on 1st February I opened my own bijou yoga + wellbeing studio in central Cambridge. Over the last 11 months I...

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    the attitude of gratitude

    by  • 20/11/2013 • 1 Comment

    This post is taken from a piece I wrote on this blog about gratitude this time last year. As the Americans celebrate Thanksgiving I always think it’s a good time of year for us to take a look at the wonders in our life, peel back the crappy day to day, and see all...

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    should -v- could

    by  • 13/11/2013 • 0 Comments

    I seem to have spent a lot of my life worrying about what I “should” be doing and what I “should” do to be a certain way or please certain people. What a horrible word “should” can be.  But we get caught up in it all the time. Here are some of the “shoulds”...

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    how to balance your chakras

    by  • 06/11/2013 • 0 Comments

    I think most people are familiar, in passing at least, with the chakra system. It seems to crop up all over the place these days and there are so many chakra meditations and visualisations on line. Chakra is Sanskrit for “wheel” as the chakras are thought to be round spinning energy centres within the...

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    fear and loathing in self-employment

    by  • 30/10/2013 • 0 Comments

    It doesn’t matter what your business is, or how long you’ve been in business (and for me it’s coming up for seven years, unbelievably!), all heart-centred entrepreneurs like you and me have moments, days, weeks, even months when fear and anxiety take over and we wonder what the hell we are doing. Will I...

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    the importance of duvet days

    by  • 23/10/2013 • 0 Comments

    aka: how I took 20 days off sick each year and still kept my corporate job! When I posted my blog about being too stressed to enjoy life, my friend C told me that was exactly what she needed to read, and my blog posts always appeared at the right time. I love serendipity....

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